Potential Equaliser Nut
The Potential Equaliser Nut is twisted into the profile groove, titled to an angle of 45 degree, and the set screw driven in so as to bite jointly where two profiles meet.

    T Slot Symbol
    6.2 is suit for PG15 and PG20 profiles; 
    8.2 is suit for PG30 profiles; 
    10.2 with thickness of 4.0 is suit for PG40 profiles; 
    10.2 with thickness of 6.0 is suit for PG45/50/60 profiles.


General Information
  Description Application Drawing D Material


Part No. Download
Potential Equaliser Nut-8-M4 (with top thread)     M4

diecast zinc

3 2.22.08.M4   
Potential Equaliser Nut-10-M5 (with top thread)   M5 diecast zinc 7 2.22.10.M5

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